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UNHCR MOSCOW Internship Scheme

 Family Name      Mulyadi First/Given Name            Reza Gender (M/F)       Male

Date of Birth (Day/Month/Year) Thursday,13 September 2001 Place of Birth Bandung Present Nationality Indonesia

Date available for internship.
From: 2017 To: 2018
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What are your preferred areas of work?  1/

Become a professional businessman and expert in computer

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Become a progammer

Languages  -  Mother tongue:   Indonesia___________________________________

Invitation Birthday Party

Invitation Birthday Party   Reza  : Hi Fathan. are you free this Sunday ?   Fathan: Hi Reza . I am sure !   Reza   : Well. It will be my birthday , i will make a little party on sunday
  Fathan: Wow.Congratulation,wish all the best for you,Reza
  Reza   : Thanks,Fathan. So,will you join with me on Sunday,come on boy. It will be fun
  Fathan: Yes, I will join to your birthday party
  Reza   : Oh, that's perfect come to my house at 3 PM . We will start the party around four o'clock
  Fathan: Ok Reza, I'll be there . Should i bring present for you?
  Reza   : That's up yo you
  Fathan: Ok , see you at 3 PM . Reza
  Reza   : Ok, Fathan see you then
  Fathan: Bye
Name : Reza Ahmad Zulfikar Mulyadi Absen : 19 Class : X IPS 1
It’s Me Hello everyone! let me introduce myself  my name is Reza Ahmad Zulfikar and I’m turning 16 years old on September. I was born in Bandung, September 13th 2001. I live in Buton Street no 20 D . My parents name are Budi Mulyadi and Cucu Irawati and I have one and only sister her name is Monica Aulia Mulyadi. My favourite colour is Black, White, Red , and Blue. My hobby is playing game, and travelling.   When I was 5 years old I was placed in Kindergarden HOSANA, I am very cheerful, very hyperactive, and cute kiddo I am have many friends, I was very happy because in the kindergarden I could playing with my friend in every day. There I also learned to read, count,drawing and colouring. When I was 7 years old, I entered Elementary School in SDN Merdeka 5 Bandung, when I’m there i have a new friend. Many happy memories and sad memoried in the six years I studied in elementary school, I passed with a satisfactory value.
When …