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Maligne Lake

Maligne Lake 

Maligne Lake  is a lake in Jasper National ParkAlbertaCanada. It is famed for the colour of its water, the surrounding peaks, the three glaciers visible from the lake and Spirit Island, a frequently photographed islet. The lake is located 44 km south of Jasper town, and is accessible by motor vehicle, including shuttle buses from Jasper. Boat tours run to Spirit Island in the spring to autumn season. The 44 km Skyline Trail, Jasper's most popular, highest and above treeline, multi-day hike, begins at Maligne Lake and finishes near the town of Jasper. Other popular day hikes include the Opal Hills and Bald Hills loops. Winter activities include cross-country skiing.

Maligne Lake is approximately 22.5 km long and is 97 m at its deepest point, in the south end of the lake. It averages 35 m in depth. It sits at approximately 1,670 m.  Easily visible from the Maligne Lake Day Lodge are Leah and Samson Peaks[2] and Mount Paul to the east, and Mounts Charlton, Unwin, Mary Vaux and Llysfran Peak to the south and west. The Charlton-Unwin, Maligne, and Coronet glaciers are visible from the lake, which boasts a self-sustaining population of introduced rainbow trout and brook trout. It is a popular spot for sport fishing, kayaking and canoeing. Parks Canada maintains three camping sites, accessible only by canoe, at Hidden Cove, Fisherman's Bay and Coronet Creek.

The lake was well known to First Nations of the area, including Samson Beaver, who knew it as Chaba Imne (Beaver Lake). He drew the first map of the lake and the route to it for Mary Schaffer in 1907.[4] Schaffer was an explorer and artist of the Rocky Mountains area who, being the first non-native to visit Chabna Imne, was accredited with the discovery; which she attached the name Maligne Lake. The first European to actually see the lake was Henry McLeod, scouting routes for the CPR in 1875. When he sighted it, he was high in the mountain range and did not actually go into the lake area or identify the route to the lake. June 8, 1908, with the help of Samson Beaver's map, Schaffer, her travelling companion Mary (Mollie) Adams and the guides Billy Warren and Sid Unwin, set out from Lake Louise to reach the lake known by the Stoney people as Chaba Imne (Beaver Lake). When they arrived at the lake, they explored it with the means of a raft, nicknamed the HMS Chaba. At the request of the Canadian Government, Schaffer returned in 1911 to survey the lake in more detail. She also named several of the mountains and peaks. Mary Schaeffer's books of the area attracted tourists from all over the US.[5]

Maligne Lake is the location of two Alberta registered historic buildings, the Maligne Lake Chalet and accompanying guest house, washhouse, and cache, all built in 1927 by Col. Fred Brewster as a part of his "Rocky Mountain Camps". For a time, the Maligne Lake Chalet was the largest, most luxurious accommodation in Jasper National Park. The other historic building is the Boathouse, built by Donald 'Curly' Philips in 1928 to accommodate his wilderness guiding and fishing business. In the same year, he finished construction of the first Maligne Lake Tour boat, the Leah (named for Leah Samson, wife of Samson Beaver). Philips resided in his boathouse until his untimely death in an avalanche (1936, aged 52). The historic buildings are maintained by Maligne Lake Tours, a company that dates back to Brewster's and Philips' early entrepreneurial endeavours.
Maligne Lake is the largest lake in Jasper National Park. The valley in which the lake lies was carved and excavated by valley glaciers, and the lake has been dammed at its northern end by an end moraine deposited by the last glacier, which flowed down the valley towards the Athabasca River. The glacial deposits and landforms forming the end moraine are excellent examples of glacial deposition.[7]
The Maligne River, arising at Maligne Pass (6,800 ft or 2,100 m), flows into the northern part of Maligne Lake. At the northern end of the lake, the river flows out of the lake in a narrow channel to Medicine Lake. There is no visible northern outlet from Medicine Lake because the Maligne River flows underground (except during flood) for 9 miles (14 km) before reappearing in its remarkable canyon, which is about 180 feet (55 m) in depth. The water flowing in the riverbed between Medicine Lake and Maligne Canyon is derived from the adjacent mountainsides.

1. Where the lake is located? 
a. canada
b. amerika
c. jepang
d. german
e. italia

2. What year the lake is open ?
a. 1908
b. 1927
c. 1924
d. 1936
e. 1928


1. Where the lake is located ?
2. What makes the lake interesting ?
3. Who first discovered this lake?
4. Why is this lake also called Spirit Island?
5. What is the length and width of this lake ?
6. When the lake was inaugurated by the government of Canada ?
7. How many hours should we take from downtown kanada ?
8. What we can see when in the lake ?
9. What any mountain that surrounds the lake ? 
10. To go in there we have to use?

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At the time I basic training student Leadership  I feel very tired and my legs also feel very sick but from all that I get a lot of lessons well yah although my feet hurt but I go through all that with the spirit at the time basic training student Leadership also I feel happy because I can increase the number of my friends again but also I feel tired because I can only sleep between 1 to 2 hours I also feel very dizzy so while watching G 30 / s PKI I fell asleep to get a reprimand from the male class brother but I feel annoyed towards the sister of the class because it always makes me hassles and carelessness but I am still being relaxed because I think their treatment is too excessive until the time comes home I am very happy to meet my family again and I also finally able to rest with decent.

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What I did last Saturday (on World Tournament)

On saturday I was at my uncle's house,Because the child of my uncle was getting married so the day of the Saturday held the recitation of her home, so I could not come to school on Saturday ,So i can say I did not go to school because of family events.

Maybe that's all I can explin the activities on Saturday, Thanks

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My Plan

What will you do in long holiday ?

Fathan : Hello, Reza.
Reza    : Hello, Fathan.
Fathan : Now it's a long holiday, Do you have a plan to go on holiday?
Reza    : Maybe i want to just sleep on the mattress.
Fathan : Are you sure?
Reza    : Yes, i'm sure. How about you, do you have plans for holiday?
Fathan : Yes, it looks like i will visit and play with my Junior High School friends.
Reza    : Wow it's cool , I hope you enjoy it with your friends
Fathan : Definitely, thanks Reza, I hope you enjoy your holiday too
Reza    : Ok Fathan , see you later.
Fathan : See you again Reza.

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Application Form


Internship Scheme




 Family Name
First/Given Name
Gender (M/F)

Date of Birth (Day/Month/Year)
Thursday,13 September 2001
Place of Birth
Present Nationality

Date available for internship.


Are you interested in a part-time internship?               Yes (   Yes    )  No  (     )

What are your preferred areas of work?  1/

                            Become a professional businessman and expert in computer

What are your objectives in undertaking an internship with UNHCR?                                 

Become a progammer

Languages  -  Mother tongue:   Indonesia___________________________________

Language Competence:
Easily/Not Easily
Easily/Not Easily
Easily/Not Easily
Easily/Not Easily
Indonesia, Inggris             Easily                          Easily                            Easily                              Easily

1/  Select one (or up to five) area(s) : 
Refugee protection (legal) – Community & social services – Research/policy analysis – -Translation & other language support – Editing/publications –

-   2   -

Higher Education (College and/or University, or equivalent)

(Name, Place, Country)

Month/Year Attended

Degrees Obtained

Major Subjects of Study

RaZ University , Berlin, Germany


Third Degrees Bachelor

Progammer, Ekonomi And Bisnis

Degree(s) Expected:

Career Plans:

Being the best and being the first in the world and being a successful person, is beneficial to the family and the rest of the world

Employment:  Please describe any previous practical experience you may have had.

A progammer as well as a reliable businessman

-   3   -

Reference:  Indicate the name of your scientific adviser or the Dean of the Faculty who can recommend you for the internship and describe your character and qualifications.

Full Name                                         Full Address                                          Business or Occupation

Reza Ahmad Zulfikar             Jln. Buton Dalam No. 20 D

        Progammer And Businessman

Your Address:
Jln. Buton Dalam No. 20 D

Telephone No.:


E-mail Address:


Insurance:          I hereby confirm that I hold a health/accident insurance policy with the

Company.   My policy number is

In case of emergency notify:  Name:
Reza Ahmad  Zulfikar Mulyadi

Address/Telephone: Jln. Buton Dlm. No. 20 D  /  081214783796

I certify that the statements made by me in answer to the foregoing questions are true, complete and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

9 August 2017


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Invitation Birthday Party

Invitation Birthday Party
  Reza  : Hi Fathan. are you free this Sunday ?
  Fathan: Hi Reza . I am sure !
  Reza   : Well. It will be my birthday , i will make a little party on sunday
  Fathan: Wow.Congratulation,wish all the best for you,Reza
  Reza   : Thanks,Fathan. So,will you join with me on Sunday,come on boy. It will be fun
  Fathan: Yes, I will join to your birthday party
  Reza   : Oh, that's perfect come to my house at 3 PM . We will start the party around four o'clock
  Fathan: Ok Reza, I'll be there . Should i bring present for you?
  Reza   : That's up yo you
  Fathan: Ok , see you at 3 PM . Reza
  Reza   : Ok, Fathan see you then
  Fathan: Bye

Maligne Lake

Maligne Lake  Maligne Lake   is a lake in  Jasper National Park ,  Alberta ,  Canada . It is famed for the colour of its water, t...